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We offer a wide range of multi-functional nanotechnology surface coatings, functionalized micro-scale coating systems, polymer OEM additives and environmentally responsible specialty chemicals. Our technology platforms can be optimized to meet the needs of nearly any Industrial Retrofit or OEM Integration specification, with little to no alteration of the substrates aesthetic or tact.



Measuring between four and one hundred nanometers in thickness, these multi-functional layer forming surface modifiers (nLFSM) are designed to grant treated substrates a pre-selected property, without altering aesthetic or tact.

With market-ready formulations for both porous and non-porous substrates, the nCOAT™ product category is composed of a collection of technology platforms, which can be diluted and optimized for nearly any industrial application.



Measuring between 1 and 100 microns in thickness, these micro-scale layer forming surface modifiers are designed to grant a treated surface with pre-selected properties while offering a gloss, semi-gloss or pigmented finish.

Providing a solid bond without the use of a primer, our micro-scale coatings protect easy to clean surfaces against corrosion and UV/IR with some formulas lasting for up to 10 years after application.

This diverse product category includes technology platforms for multiple industrial applications, including but not limited to, tunnels, overpasses, bridges, heat exchangers, heavy industrial equipment, vehicles, and infrastructure made of aluminum, stainless steel or sealed with a powder coat.


Water Remediation Additive, Petroleum Emulsifier, Industrial Degreaser

An environmentally responsible Water Remediation Additive used for the treatment of contaminated waste/process water by eliminating microbial growth (OH&S), cleanly splitting hydrocarbon content and water into phase.

This Degreaser Platform offers effective industrial degreasing power in a highly active and concentrated format, to ensure environmentally responsibility and cost-savings during industrial-scale use.

Suitable for oilfield water processing, industrial/petroleum degreasing, ships and agriculture, this technology improves performance, increases sustainability, and provides return on your investment.


AJM Solutions provides nano particle-sized filtration products that meet the ongoing and urgent demand for clean air.

Genano™ provides proven health care solutions to reduce the risks of airborne impurities such as microbes, ultrafine particles and volatile organic compounds.