AJM Solutions provide a solution for degreasing and emulsification.  Oe-101 Is an environmentally friendly and utilizes newly developed technology in the field of degreasing. It replaces dangerous solvents, harsh abrasives, and caustic chemicals.

Oe101 (102) is a new and innovative, biodegradable, degreaser that dissolves petroleum products with previously unheard-of speed and efficiency. It is 13 times more effective than our previous VCS degreaser. PDD effectively removes grease, oil, ink, petroleum, and soot from industrial surfaces while dissolving petroleum/paraffin into aqueous solution. This product may be used as packaged or diluted with water according to the project specifications for the cleaning of industrial vehicles, surfaces, and infrastructure. This product is particularly efficient on dilution and dispersion of oil extraction products. Save hours of labour degreasing vehicles, machine parts, concrete pads, railcars, transit vehicles, industrial equipment and so much more. PDD is user friendly, has no toxic fumes and is easy to dispose of once diluted. 

 Custom made variations are available to address your challenging cleaning needs or use the standard formulation for use with a wide variety of applications. Degreaser can be economically diluted with water to suit the situation or used full strength on the toughest cleaning jobs. This product can be used in a wipe-down form, high pressure wash or for immersion cleaning. Oe(101) degreaser has been tested in some harsh commercial and industrial situations and outperformed competitive degreaser products. Try some today to see if you will also save time, money and or labor to clean up your oily, greasy areas. Our cleaning product that will remove oil-based products. tar based products, and paraffin residue.

We have additional products that will work in removing sludge from oil-based tanks and sumps.

When combined with XCLEAN™ the water reside provides the opportunity for a closed loop system to increase operating efficiency of your equipment.

Water based, the product can be easily applied directly to a surface and additional water can be added to help remove the soiling. Oe101 applies well to large surfaces with a pressure washer. Apply product with low pressure first, agitate into soiling if needed, let stand 3-5 minutes, then use a high-pressure water rinse to remove. Reapply if any residual remains.

Areas of Application:

  • Engines
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Tools
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Unfinished Concrete
  • Tanker Trucks
  • Kitchens as field tested by OE Nano Inc.
  • Garage
  • Oil Rigs
  • Storage Reservoirs
  • Transit Vehicles
  • Gas Station Aprons
  • Bitumen Coated Surfaces
  • Aqueous Parts Washers

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