Why use dangerous solvents, harsh abrasives, and caustic chemicals?

AJM Solutions provides user-friendly solutions for degreasing your equipment.

AJM Solutions degreaser is a new innovative, biodegradable degreaser.  

 You will remove petroleum products with previously unheard-of speed and efficiency. 

Our degreaser effectively removes grease, oil, ink, petroleum, and soot from industrial surfaces while dissolving petroleum/paraffin into an aqueous solution. This product is particularly efficient for dilution and dispersion of oil extraction products.

AJM Solutions degreaser is user-friendly, has no toxic fumes, and is easy to dispose of once diluted.


Save hours of valuable time cleaning your vehicles, machine parts, concrete pads, railcars, transit vehicles, industrial equipment, and so much more. Our degreaser does not affect your equipment’s paint or rubber materials.

Custom-made variations are available to address your challenging cleaning needs. 

AJM Solutions degreaser has been tested in harsh commercial and industrial situations and outperformed competitive degreaser products.

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A closed-loop system is an ideal application for our product solutions. You would install a closed-loop system to reduce the costs of your disposal and provide a safer workplace to contribute to meeting your ESG goals.

Our degreaser and water-remediation products are ideal for improving the effectiveness of your closed-loop system.

When you wash your heavy equipment, the dirty water goes into the wash rack drain, which instantly sends it through a system that treats it and loops it back to you as clean water that you can continue to use for washing. The system biologically treats the grease, grime, oil, and other gunk that is likely to collect on vehicles and equipment. Not only do you save water, save money and keep the area where you perform vehicle maintenance clean, but you’re also helping the surrounding environment by preventing your washing procedure from contaminating your property.

Our degreaser and water-remediation products are ideal for improving the effectiveness of your closed-loop system.


Where would I apply degreaser?

Degreaser is ideal for direct application on oily shop floor spills, dirty walls, and directly onto significant engine components that don’t fit in the parts washing stations.

Degreaser is amazing at cleaning your vehicles exterior of oil products..

Engines – Heavy Equipment – Ships -Tools – Transportation Equipment – Unfinished Concrete – Tanker Trucks – Restaurant and Food Processing Plants – Kitchens – Garages –  Oil Rigs – Storage Reservoirs

We have additional products that protect and remove unwanted materials from tanks and sumps.


  • Non-flammable
  • Respiratory protection – Not required
  • Hand protection –Not necessary
  • Fully water-miscible product
  • Transport: Class 1 Non-hazardous product
  • The product is readily biodegradable according to OECD Guideline 301
  • Short and long-term effects – Potential irritation to hands and skin / avoid eye contact
  •  Environmental hazard – NOT a Marine Pollutant 

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