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What is it?

Industrial anti-corrosive lubricant is a high performance material for use on metals.

The multi-functional nano-scale coating generates industry leading lubrication properties while remaining residue free. This innovative technology creates an invisible, dry film on the treated substrate and increases the gliding action while preventing corrosion. Loud, metallic sounds caused by friction are also reduced considerably.

This innovative technology creates an invisible, ultra-thin & homogenous dry film on the treated substrate, providing the following benefits:

  • Heat resistant – quantitatively proven to 750°c.
  • Highly abrasion resistant – remains fully functional after more than 3,000 cycles.
    Friction reduction – reduces noise caused by friction in moving parts of industrial equipment.
  • Mechanical bond – long-term stability and eliminates ‘creeping’ or ‘run-off’.
  • Salt resistance – prevents corrosion and degradation of the treated surface.
  • Easy-to-clean – protects surface from soil penetration translating to few cleaning cycles and short cleaning time. Works to also smooth out microscopic cracks and scratches, while serving as a ‘permanent’ surface polish.
  • Universal compatibility – ultra-thin coating fills microscopic crevasses of all metal surfaces, including but not limited to steel, cast iron, gold and silver parts/equipments. May also be used on plastic, rubber substrates as well as polished wood.

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