AJM Solutions Inc. presents NANOGLASS™ the Future of Glass Efficiency.


6.2 times more cost effective than window replacement.

NANOGLASS™ provides protection against rising energy costs, extends the life of your HVAC lifespan , and provides carbon tax saving.

No more inconvenience caused by windows replacement or peeling film.

GOLD LEED Certification:

  • Building envelope optimization.
  • Substantial cost savings in energy and heating.
  • Load reduction on building mechanical systems.
  • Eliminate unnecessary waste.
  • Increasing overall occupant comfort. 


NANOGLASS™ improves the WELLNESS of your home and workspace by providing:

  • LIGHT-Permits daylight brightness, while blocking >99% of harmful UVA rays.
  • SURFACE DAMAGE – Blocks >99% of surface damaging UVB rays to protect everything valuable to you within your home, while allowing maximum natural light. 
  • COMFORT-Increases your comfort levels while decreasing cooling loads in the summer. During winter months, the coating functions as an insulator, to help keep heat in to reduce your heating bills.
  • NANOGLASS™ -Reduces heat loss in the winter resulting in diminished heating needs. In the summer ™ reduces heat penetration through the windows reducing the need for air conditioning.
  •  NANOGLASS™- improves energy efficiencies all year-round.
  • WINDOW CONDENSATION-Reduction of up to 50% of window condensation, thus diminishing window dripping and the potential influx of mold contamination.

NANOGLASS™ innovative single-step application layer technology is applied YEAR-ROUND to the INTERIOR of your home via traditional paint roller systems and cures at room temperature to create a highly invisible, ultra-thin layer. 

NANOGLASS™ is quantitatively proven by a respected third-party’s to reduce energy consumption from 4%-25% depending on your Environment Canada climate zone, glass to wall ratio, and internal area exposed to windows. 

For example, an office building with small windows and large interior area not exposed to windows in Toronto modelled 3.7%-6.7% depending on building orientation. A multi-residential unit in Vancouver with high glass to wall ratio with all interior area exposed to windows modelled up to 25% energy use reduction depending on building orientation.

With warrantied third-party services and technology validated by widely recognized consultants NANOGLASS™ provides homeowners with a quick, safe, and turn-key solution to improve your COMFORT and WELLNESS.

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