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XCLEAN™ is an environmentally responsible water cleanup additive for the sterilization of water which has been contaminated by microbial growth and/or excessive organic matter. The product category is composed of 3 core formulations, one of which is selected based on the end use of the treated and repurposed water.

Phase I: Wastewater to be redirected into streams, rivers, and waterways.
Phase II: Drinking water to be treated during the filtration process.
Phase III: Oil Spill remediation of large volume bodies of water.


  • Improve skimming capabilities (BOD/COD)
    Oxidize hydrogen sulfide (H2S).
  • Decrease lower explosion limit (LEL) and increase safety.
  • Free suspended silicates of excessive organic matter.
  • Decrease buoyancy and expedite sedimentation process.


  • Sanitize Water (microbial growth – OH&S).
  • Detoxify the sedimentation bed.
  • Eliminate foul order.
  • Cleanly split hydrocarbons & water into phase.
  • Destroy silicate encapsulation organisms.
  • Integrated anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Self-cancel through use for no residual.

Suitable for oilfield water processing, industrial/petroleum degreasing, ships and agriculture, this technology improves performance, increases sustainability, and provides return on your investment.


  • Approved by the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) for use in oil spill cleanup and soil remediation projects in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • With the application of XCLEAN™ (RX-124) to tailing ponds or sumps and tanks of processed water from mining operations, accelerated sedimentation is achieved along with the killing off bacteria which can be producing toxic and odorous H2S gas. With optional additives in XCLEAN™ (RX-124) (Rx-124), suspended oil in the water will rise to the surface for collection and possible resale.
  • Oil and Gas – Reduction of H2S and LELs in Storage Tank. Prior to cleaning oil and or processed water in storage tanks, residual product can create dangerous levels of H2S gas and LELs inside the tank. With the application of XCLEAN to the tanks these levels will be greatly reduced if not eliminated making for a much safer environment for maintenance workers. XCLEAN™ is simpler to apply and costs less than traditional gas cleanup.

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