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AJM Solutions provides sustainable, environmentally friendly, and proven clean air and surface solutions for a wide variety of industries. Our products increase the functional life of capital equipment while reducing operating costs.

Clean Air Products

AJM Solutions provides nano particle-sized air filtration products that meet the ongoing and urgent demand for clean air. Genano Ltd. (Genano™) provides proven healthcare solutions to reduce the risks of airborne impurities such as COVID-19, microbes, ultrafine particles, and volatile organic compounds. Genano™ is an essential addition to health, safety and environment solutions for you and your company.


Clean Surface Products

Using the Bacoban™, nCOAT™, mCOAT™, nFUSE™, and xCLEAN™ technology platforms, we provide multi-functional surface products to meet the needs of our clients. Our clean surface products can be optimized to meet the needs of nearly any Industrial Retrofit or OEM Integration specification, with little to no alteration of the substrates aesthetic or tact.




We provide high-performance, versatile air decontamination units that meet the demand of large spaces. Our products operate on customized weekly-programs, which manage power changes automatically, making them the perfect solution for schools and other public spaces.

The most commonly used air purifiers on the market are equipped with HEPA filters, removing particles of 300 nanometres and larger. However, as up to 66% of impurities in indoor air are smaller than 100 nanometers, HEPA filters are ineffective against removing ultra-fine particles and harmful gases in the air. AJM Solutions provides security in knowing our products protect the people our clients care about most from harmful air impurities produced by mould, gases emitted from building materials, and particulate matter from outdoor air.



AJM Solutions provides layer-forming surface modifier coatings which bond to surfaces and form protective layers. We supply nSTRATA™ clean surface products, using the Bacoban, nCOAT™, mCOAT™, nFUSE™, and xCLEAN™ technology platforms. Our coatings are extremely safe, so multi-functional surfaces can be optimized to meet the needs of nearly any Industrial Retrofit or OEM Integration specification, with little to no alteration of the substrates aesthetic or tact.

Layer forming surface modifier coatings bond to surfaces, forming protective layers where we add elements unique to our client’s needs. Whether it is hydrophobicity, anti-corrosion, UVIR protection, or any other protective qualities, our layer forming surface modifiers meet the needs for protecting clean surfaces.


Bacoban™ Ready-to-Use is a water based daily cleaner and sanitizer platform with novel multi-functional mechanisms. The water and alcohol soluble silane chemistry facilitate the formation of a three-dimensional matrix on the substrate, a property consistent across the products generated from both the professional and end-user concentrates.


  • Remains active for up to 10 days after application.
  • Resistant and kills a multiplicity of germs and viruses, including MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B&C, Corona and Norovirus.
  • In all tests, when the contaminate remained on the surface for 24 hours after the three, five-, or ten-day tests, all the kill rate resulted to 99.997%.

Bacoban™ forms a nano-sponge which:

  • Stores the operative ingredient, which then diffuse in the event of contamination/settlement into virtually any surface, thus annihilating the bacteria, fungus, or virus.
  • Provides an easy-to-clean surface, reducing cleaning time by more than 50%.

AJM Solutions is a representative of Nano Technologies Trading Co. W.L.L. an exclusive distributor of nSTRATA ™. nSTRATA™ is a global supplier of ready-to-use and concentrated nano and micro-scale layer forming surface modifiers, manufacturing additives and custom industrial chemical formulations. Our products are all packed for maximum sustainability and long-term stability.


Measuring between four and one hundred nanometers in thickness, these multi-functional layer forming surface modifiers (nLFSM) are designed to grant treated substrates a pre-selected property, without altering aesthetic or tact.

With market-ready formulations for both porous and non-porous substrates, the nCOAT™ product category is composed of a collection of technology platforms, which can be diluted and optimized for nearly any industrial application.


Measuring between 1 and 100 microns in thickness, these micro-scale layer forming surface modifiers are designed to grant a treated surface with pre-selected properties while offering a gloss, semi-gloss or pigmented finish.

Our micro-scale coatings protect easy to clean surfaces against corrosion and UV/IR with some formulas lasting for up to 10 years after application.

This diverse product category includes technology platforms for multiple industrial applications, including but not limited to, tunnels, overpasses, bridges, heat exchangers, architectural flat glass and vehicle/equipment protection.

mCOAT™ (Rx-116) Aluminium Protector (Part A/B) (Clear)

Transparent, semi-gloss, industrial grade, two-component, single coat system. Ideal for heavy industrial equipment, vehicles and infrastructure made of aluminum, stainless steel, or powder coated.

mCOAT™ (Rx-121) Non-Absorbent

Non-Absorbent is a micro-scale Layer Forming Surface Modifier (nLFSM) for non-oxide containing, non-porous surfaces such as polymers/plastics, gel-coats and other painted non-absorbent surfaces.


These granular, encapsulated materials may be added during the polymer manufacturing process to embed desired functional properties into the structure of the item being produced. While nano-scale coating materials deteriorate with the substrate over time, this technology platform allows OEMs to guarantee long-term performance and optimize lifespan – due to the homogenous dispersion of the active throughout the entire substrate.

For more information about the nFUSE™ technology platforms, contact us.

xCLEAN™ (Rx-124) Water Remediation Additive (Puretek)

This product allows for the reallocation of on-site contaminated water to fleet maintenance / equipment cleaning bays and / or integration into the oil extraction process. Our xCLEAN™ (Rx-124) Water Remediation AdditiveWater Remediation Additive eliminates H2S, organic pollutants, and microbial growth resulting in the dispersion of sludge and other organic accumulation from the bottom of water storage containers and basins.

xCLEAN™ (Rx-124) Water Remediation Additive (Puretek)

Water Remediation Additive that eliminates H2S, organic pollutants, and microbial growth.

KARBONtek Petroleum Dissolving Degreaser

KARBONtek PDD is a new and innovative, biodegradable, degreaser that dissolves petroleum products with previously unheard-of speed and efficiency. Save hours of labour degreasing vehicles, machine parts, concrete pads, railcars, transit vehicles, industrial equipment and so much more. PDD is user friendly, has no toxic fumes and is easy to dispose of once diluted.

KARBONtek Petroleum Dissolving Degreaser

New and innovative, biodegradable, degreaser that dissolves petroleum products with speed and efficiency.