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Bacoban™ Test Results

Industries: Hospitals and surgical units, Airplanes, Restaurants, Offices, Retail stores, Entertainment centers

Bacoban™ (Rx-105) Professional Concentrate and Bacoban™ (Rx-107) End User Concentrate are the two main Bacoban™ products AJM Solutions Inc. sells and distributes. There is no difference in performance between the concentrates, other than Bacoban™ (Rx-105) Professional Concentrate has stabilizers and preservatives which enable a longer shelf life when diluted.

In all tests, when the contaminate remained on the surface for 24 hours after the three-, five-, or ten-day tests, all the kill rate resulted to 99.997%.

Qualitative Analysis Test Results

ASTM 2180 – European Testing:

In Europe, Bacoban™ has been government approved as a “disinfectant;” tests are ongoing to achieve the same status in North America.

On high-touch areas, virus, bacteria, fungus burns through the active ingredient faster. It may only last hours, days, and up to 10 days, as proven in the test: The ASTM 2180 (see attached) is a 10-day residual test conducted in a lab in Europe. The only active ingredient, benzalkonium chloride, is held on by the novel nano-layer (ceramic tiles were used for the lab tests). In the lab, Bovine was used to simulate a dirty surface and tested against a virus, fungus, and bacteria. The 10-day residual test proves that the Bacoban™ performed for 10 days, without any other active ingredients when the best procedures are followed.

After 10 days, testers applied the bacterial strains to the surface to see what was killed if anything. The test results indicated that Bacoban™ had a strong fungicidal activity against tested microorganisms under the 10-day stored scenario.


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