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mCOAT™ (Rx-121) Non-Absorbent

Industries: Fleet Protection, Oil/Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, HVAC, General Industry. This stuff is amazing!

mCOAT™ (Rx-121) Non-Absorbent is a micro-scale Layer Forming Surface Modifier (nLFSM) for non-oxide containing, non-porous surfaces such as polymers/plastics, carbon-steel, gel-coats and other painted non-absorbent surfaces. This multi-functional coating renders the treated substrate hydrophobic, oleophobic and lipophobic – preventing the adhesion of water, oils and fats.

This property renders surfaces easier to clean, reduces the need for harsh chemical washes, extends the time between maintenance periods and diminishes the volume of required cleaning chemicals. mCOAT™ (Rx-121) Non-Absorbent utilizes a unique binding mechanism making it ideal for the treatment of heavy industrial fleet vehicles such as heavy haulers, marine hulls, city buses/trains, commercial rail cars and other valuable assets.

Note: with both chemical and mechanical adhesion properties, mCOAT™ (Rx-121) Non-Absorbent is also compatible with oxide containing substrates such as glass, stainless steel and aluminum.

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