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nCOAT™ (Rx-103) Absorbent Concentrate

Industries: Construction, concrete, stonework, textile, clothing, restaurants, uniforms, hospitality, packaging.

Preserve and protect against soil, stains, and degradation of porous surfaces including carpet, concrete, grout, stone and textile.

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nSTRATA™ is global supplier of ready-to-use and concentrated nano and micro-scale Layer Forming Surface Modifiers (nLFSM/mLFSM), manufacturing additives and custom industrial chemical formulations. Using innovative and proprietary technology platforms that translate to a product breadth and depth of over 500 hundred variants, nSTRATA™ offers a wide range of multi-functional nanotechnology surface coatings, functionalized micro-scale coating systems, polymer OEM additives and environmentally responsible specialty chemicals – all packaged for maximum sustainability and long-term stability.