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xCLEAN™ (Rx-124) Water Remediation Additive (Puretek)

Industries: Oil and gas, disaster recovery, wastewater treatment, industrial, agriculture

Water Remediation Additive that eliminates H2S, organic pollutants, and microbial growth.

Allows for the reallocation of on-site contaminated water to fleet maintenance / equipment cleaning bays and / or integration into the oil extraction process. When treated water is repurposed, infused corrosion inhibitor ingredients allow for the protection of valuable metallic assets, while trade secret additives enable the reallocated water to also function as a descaling agent. The infusion of this technology will also result in the dispersion of sludge and other organic accumulation from the bottom of water storage containers and basins.

Product degrades organic matter which adheres to suspended silicates, therefore allowing for an expedited sedimentation process of particles in sump stations, tailing ponds and other settling basins and storage containers. All points outlined above lead to a sanitized and detoxified sediment bed.

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