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AJM Solutions help you stay ahead of the curve,  understanding  and mapping the pathways to success. Our team of experts will guide you, and arm you with the data and insights to make informed decisions. 

We provide a holistic approach that can help minimize risk exposure, maximize operational efficiencies, build a stronger brand, drive cost savings, increase revenues, and boost investor confidence. 

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We specialize in relationship building for our clients and their key stakeholders for domestic and international projects. Our deep understanding of our clients financial and operational needs, enables us to clearly identify what is required by all parties for the sustainability of your business.


International Expansion

AJM Solutions understands that local culture is critical to a successful project. Each country is unique in its requirements for a successful tender bid. AJM Solutions has experience in South America, North Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

  • Is your company reaching the correct markets?
  • Do you need help in establishing international relationships?
  • Do you meet the regulatory requirements of the country or region?
  • Do you have a complete understanding of costs associated with mobilization and demobilization?
  • We can assist you with sourcing the correct personnel.
  • We will work with you to source the equipment that will be the most effective for your operations.
  • AJM Solutions aids in establishing your operating base.
  • Our experience in international operations provides vital information to our clients to help them expand their business internationally. We help them evaluate and assess the value drivers, direct and hidden costs, and additional resources and contractual obligations required to open a new division or Company.

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Project management

AJM Solutions provides finance, operating, and corporate consulting.

Our strategic asset management strategy takes a fresh look at your assets and operations.

We understand that a successful project requires input from experts across many backgrounds and disciplines.  AJM Solutions strives to foster an environment of mutual respect and open communication. 

Items we consider, and are not limited to:

  • If you are going to do a drilling rig rebuild, what do you require?
  • Will the specialized equipment meet current specifications?
  • AJM Solutions will manage your operational requirements.
  • AJM Solutions will review the documentation and conduct a risk analysis.
  • Is your project feasible, will you really be profitable, does your project meet or exceed technical requirements?
  • AJM Solutions provides strategic management of your assets. We take a fresh look at your financial risks, banking, public and private financing, asset management, and environmental and social governance.r

AJM Solutions provides project management for your project.



AJM Solutions provides financial and strategic business solutions to our clients. Our highly experienced team assists owners with assessing business risks, succession planning, and leveraging opportunities to generate greater performance. 


Enhancing efficiencies through sustainability, team building, and digital engineering through AI transformation. 

We assist our clients to provide a greater understanding of their ways to meet their goals and objectives.

AJM Solutions combines industry-specific knowledge with key financial metrics to provide specialized management tools tailored to their company. We help our clients develop strategies to optimize their business, pursue growth and increase value.

Environmental and Social Governance (ESG)

Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) social license is a critical input for your lenders, stakeholders and receiving the next permit or license that enables growth in operations.

The CSA, ISSB, SEC and EFRAG have proposed exposure drafts and rules regarding enhancing and standardizing climate related discourses in investor documents.

A strong ESG proposition can enhance investment returns by:

  • Allocating capital to more promising and sustainable opportunities (example: renewables, waste reduction, and scrubbers).
  • Help companies avoid stranded investments that may not pay off because of longer-term environmental issues (example: massive write-downs in value of oil tankers).
  • Reduce costs of power consumption and waste disposal.
  • Risks and opportunities with Stakeholders.


AJM Solutions assists  our clients with the role of the reporting functions with ESG reporting.

We assist you while collaborating with ESG specialists  in:

  • Designing polices and procedures to develop your ESG internal and external reporting.
  • Assessing  trade-offs in balancing risk, regulation and returns for stakeholders. Understanding your unique value equation is critical for success of your business.
  • Develop policies, procedures and governance controls and certification.

Asset management, risk and opportunity awareness and ESG engagement and reporting with stakeholders are rapidly becoming a requirement.

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