AJM Solutions specializes in relationship building between regulatory authorities and clients for domestic and international projects. Our deep understanding of our clients financial and operational needs, enables us to clearly identify what is required by all parties for effective contract negotiations.


International Expansion

AJM Solutions will grow your business. Companies often plan to mobilize products and services into a country or region without receiving a complete understanding of costs associated with mobilization and demobilization.

Our experience in international operations provides vital information to our clients to help them expand their business internationally. We help them evaluate and assess the value drivers, direct and hidden costs, and additional resources and contractual obligations required to open a new division or Company in areas such as MENA.

Project management

AJM Solutions understands that local culture is critical to a successful project. Sovereign wealth funds, governments, or other jurisdictions put projects to tender in order to develop oil and natural gas resources in their respective countries. We understand that each country is unique in its requirements for a successful tender bid.

Groups that present tenders often require specialized equipment and or skilled professionals that are not available in their country or territory. AJM Solutions assists these groups in sourcing the required resources to meet their contractual requirements.

Canadian oil and natural gas personnel and equipment are highly sought after for international oil and gas drilling, completion and production. Let us help you find the best resources for your project today.


Advisory services

AJM Solutions provides financial and strategic business solutions to our clients. Our highly experienced team assists owners with assessing business risks, succession planning, and leveraging opportunities to generate greater performance. We guide our clients to a greater understanding of their internal operations by having their personnel work directly with highly experienced and skilled professionals.

AJM Solutions combines industry-specific knowledge with key financial metrics to provide specialized management tools tailored to their company. We help our clients develop strategies to optimize their business, pursue growth and increase value.