Welcome to AJM Solutions

AJM Solutions helps clients identify and understand their business challenges and provides solutions through personnel, products, or services, guiding them to success in their goals and objectives.

Experienced financial & operational business professionals

Welcome to AJM Solutions

AJM Solutions Inc. is a solutions based provider for your finance and operational requirements.

 Together, Mr. Madden and Mr. Cooper have over 100 years of experience in operational management, including C suite roles in operations, finance and director-level management of various private and public companies.

Our expertise aligns the right people, at the right time on the job, ensuring success in meeting sustainable goals and objectives.

We provide exceptional value to our clients with proven and patented environmentally friendly technologies.

Services & Products

Services & Products


AJM Solutions builds relationships. We specialize in negotiating contracts between regulatory authorities and clients for domestic and international projects. Our extensive experience understanding financial and operational needs of the client, provides all parties clear identification of requirements needed for effective negotiations with government bodies.


Clean Air Products

AJM Solutions provides nano particle-sized air filtration products that meet the ongoing and urgent demand for clean air. Genano Ltd. (Genano™) provides proven healthcare solutions to reduce the risks of airborne impurities such as COVID-19, microbes, ultrafine particles, and volatile organic compounds. Genano™ is an essential addition to health, safety and environment solutions for you and your company.


Clean Surface Products

Using the nCOAT™, mCOAT™, nFUSE™ and xCLEAN™ technology platforms, we provide multi-functional surface products that can be optimized to meet the needs of nearly any Industrial Retrofit or OEM Integration specification, with little to no alteration of the substrates aesthetic or tact.