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AJM Solutions is affiliated with all sectors of the energy industry including ESG, Drishya AI, custom rig design, cyber security, and project management.

 Mr. Madden and Mr. Cooper have many years of experience in finance and operations in oil and natural gas related private and public entities.

Ms. Seema Islam is based out of our office in London, England and supports international relations and sales.

We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta Canada, and internationally in London England.

 At AJM Solutions Inc. we understand that every business is unique and will have its own set of challenges.  That is why our team takes a personalized approach in understanding each client’s needs, consulting with them throughout the entire process. As a team we will recommend possible efficiencies for both finance and operations. More importantly we collaborate to build trust and communications by developing mutual goals and objectives.


Drishya AI Labs is a fast-growing, award-winning three-year deep-tech industrial artificial intelligence software solutions company.  Drishya develops custom AI and machine learning solutions for EPC’s, oil and gas producers, asset owners, midstream and refineries.

 The AI solution helps companies gain a competitive advantage in meeting their ESG goals while making their operations energy efficient  and cost effective.

AI for digital for the energy industry provides opportunities for digital twin integration, intelligent “soft” sensors, predictive asset health, smart alarm management, and decision intelligence.

Drishya AI removes the requirement of having specialist engineers in the field to operate the equipment.  AI allows you to gain a competitive advantage in the optimization of operations and ESG targets. 


AJM Solutions, through its affiliations, specializes in custom rig designs to suit individual needs. Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your project is built to your needs regardless of size or purpose.  Stock designs are available for clients on a timeline.

Services include inspection and recertification,  upgrades and modifications, field support and walking systems.


AJM Solutions works with you to source the oilfield equipment  (including drilling rigs) that will be the most effective for your operations.


AJM Solutions experience in international markets provides vital information to our clients to help them expand their business internationally.              We help them evaluate and assess the value drivers, direct and hidden costs, and additional resources and contractual obligations required to open a new division or Company.


AJM Solutions Inc. assists our clients with developing ESG  reporting policies, and framework for  financial and non-financial reporting.


AJM Solutions presents NANOGLASS™ the future of glass efficiency.  NANOGLASS™ provides wellness, comfort and improves your home efficiency  6.2 times more cost effective than windows replacement.


We effectively remove greases, oil, ink, and petroleum from industrial surfaces.  The degreaser may be used as packaged or diluted with water according to product specifications for the cleaning of industrial vehicles, surfaces and infrastructure.

We look forward to meeting you and your teams.

We provide exceptional value to our clients by sourcing qualified talent, suggesting proven and patented environmentally friendly product solutions, and working with you to successfully grow your business

AJM Solutions help you stay ahead of the curve,   understanding  and mapping the pathways to success. Our team of experts will guide you and arm you with the data and insights to make informed decisions. 

We provide a holistic approach that can help minimize risk exposure, maximize operational efficiencies, build a stronger brand, drive cost savings, increase revenues, and boost investor confidence.  With AJM Solutions as your partner in this journey you can rest assured knowing that you are taking steps toward a successful future.

AJM Solutions specializes in relationship building for our clients and their key stakeholders for domestic and international projects. Our deep understanding of our clients financial and operational needs, enables us to clearly identify what is required by all parties for the sustainability of your businesss

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AJM Solutions builds relationships. We specialize in negotiating contracts between regulatory authorities and clients for domestic and international projects. Our extensive experience understanding financial and operational needs of the client, provides all parties clear identification of requirements needed for effective negotiations with government bodies.

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